Eckel Family Pool

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Updated 4-04-17 - 12:15 AM EDT - Offically, 1,677 entries! 

Sorry for the slight update delay - was whistled for a charge when making the move to the computer - was almost more fouls called tonight than points scored by UNC.  Regardless, congrats to the Tar Heels and fans, with an impressive win over a scrappy Gonzaga Team.  All in all, an exciting final game, and an exciting tournament.  And for only the 2nd time in our 22 years, the pool favorite has actually been crowned the champion.

Congrats to Douglas Maxey, who held on to win the pool.  As you can see from the Current Standings report, several of the places were decided by the tie breaker.  Congratulations to all of you who managed to finish in the money.  Winners, please email us at EckelPool@gmail.comwith your address so we can send your pool proceeds.

Thank you to everyone for joining us in the pool again this year.  We are thrilled to see each and every one of you, from our friends who have been with us all 22 years (e.g., Don Simon, the Beaty family) to those who have just joined the fun.  Hope you have had as much fun as we have, even if your brackets did not do quite as well as you had hoped.  Best wishes to all, and we will look forward to seeing you in the pool again.  

Click the "Results/Reports" link to see how your bracket performed, see all of your friends' picks, etc.  Remember to Refresh your page to display the most recent iteration of any report...

Several of you have asked, how do I find my name in the Current Standings report with so many entries? - a great question.  On a computer, you can simply press the Control key and the "F" key (Ctrl + F), and a dialogue box should open on the bottom margin of the screen, and then begin typing the name you are looking for.  This will take you to the first combination of the letters you have typed, and you can use the up or down arrows to move to the next combination of the same letters. 

For the iPad, when on the Current Standings report page, touch the dialogue box on the top of the page (where the web address is), and type at least part of the name you are searching for - then scroll to the bottom of the search page, and it will have an entry under "On this Page" - touch the entry under "On this Page", and it will take you to the name you were typing on the Current Standings report.  Also, a dialogue box will be on the bottom of the page to facilitate other searchs - Hope this helps!

Thank you to all those playing in our pool this year - it would be nothing without all of your participation.  If you have any questions, please feel free to get in touch with us via email at