Eckel Family Pool

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Updated 4-05-16 - 6:15 AM EDT - That's all, folks...

Unofficially, 1,568 entries this year!

Click the "Results/Reports" link to see how you're doing, see all of your friends' pick, who to root for, etc.  Remember to Refresh your page to display the most recent iteration of any report...

 Congrats to Villanova, a champion 35 years in the making.  What a finish to the game last night for those that stayed up to watch it.  What a Sportscenter opening this morning for those of you that didn't. 

Congrats to Tabitha Palmer for correctly picking Villanova and more games correct than the rest of you.  Enjoy your One Shining Moment an play that song on repeat for the next year or so! Tabitha has a nice check coming her way, as do 9 others.  Winners will be contacted via email to arrange for payments to be sent out.

Thanks to all of you for another great year.  Hope you enjoyed the watch party instead of our pool party, though with the weather we've had it seems that worked out for the best.  See you again next March for year 22!

Several of you have asked, how do I find my name in the Current Standings report with so many entries? - a great question.  On a computer, you can simply press the Control key and the "F" key (Ctrl + F), and a dialogue box should open on the bottom margin of the screen, and then begin typing the name you are looking for.  This will take you to the first combination of the letters you have typed, and you can use the up or down arrows to move to the next combination of the same letters. 

For the iPad, when on the Current Standings report page, touch the dialogue box on the top of the page (where the web address is), and type at least part of the name you are searching for - then scroll to the bottom of the search page, and it will have an entry under "On this Page" - touch the entry under "On this Page", and it will take you to the name you were typing on the Current Standings report.  Also, a dialogue box will be on the bottom of the page to facilitate other searchs - Hope this helps!

Thank you to all those playing in our pool this year - it would be nothing without all of your participation.  If you have any questions, please feel free to get in touch with us via email at